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Sports Event, Studio and Portrait photography, the Photographer is based in Brighton and Hove and covers Sussex.

Sportpages Photo

On-line ordering - Print Price list

The price of the photos are displayed in the drop down list alongside each photo. The size of photos and other products are listed below.

Size Metric
7.5"x5" 19x13cm
9"x6" 23x15cm
12"x8" 30x20cm
18"x12" 45x30cm
30"x20" 75x50cm
7"x5" Crop 18x13cm
10"x8" Crop 25x20cm
Photo Mug  
Silver Frame 7"x5" 18x13cm
Silver Frame 10"x8" 25x20cm
Black Wood Frame 7"x5" 18x13cm
Black Wood Frame 10"x8" 25x20cm
Digital Image Medium Resolution

Suitable for Facebook, blogs, web pages etc

License for Private Non Commercial use only

No copyright notice

sent by email

600x400 @75DPI
Digital Image High Resolution

Suitable for Magazines Newspapers, Commercial Websites and high quality prints

Single use License only, no distribution



The credit cards which are handled by the online ordering system are,

MasterCard, Visa, Visa Delta, Visa Electron,
Switch/Maestro, and Solo.


The Digital Image Medium Resolution file, is suitable for displaying on a Computer Monitor and sending by email, it is provided for non commercial private use only. The typical uses are Facebook, Blogs and private web pages, commercial websites are not permitted to use images provided by this product.

The image is provided without a visible copyright notice.

The image must be attributed to Sportpages.com

The image will be sent by email when purchase is complete.

The Digital Image High Resolution file is a full size colour corrected image and is fully captioned to the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) standard. It is suitable for Newspapers, Magazine and Website publication.

A single one time, time limited use License is granted for the image.

Distribution is not permitted of the image.

Prints for sale are not permitted.

The image is provided without a visible copyright notice.

The image must be attributed to Sportpages.com

The image will be made available for download from a website when purchase is complete, you will be advised of the address by email.


Event Package Price List

Digital Print price list

The use of a high quality Digital Camera and printing of photos on one of the latest Digital Print Processors with the purchase of Photos on-line, enables a very competitive package to be offered.
The Digital package is recommended for most events.

The Digital Print Package consists of two parts:

  • Hire of the photographer at 85.00 per hour for the first hour and 60 per hour for each subsequent hour(including travelling) to cover the event.
  • Purchase of the prints using the on-line print service.

If the event is of sufficient size we may be able to cover the event on a sale of photo basis only. Please ask for a quotation.

Optional extras

Studio Hire: 30.00 per hour.

A portable Studio is available for use on your premises free of charge.

Proof set of images on CDROM 7.50, the images are sized at 450x300 pixels and have a copyright notice.

Proof set of images printed at 7.5"x5" 15.00, images are marked with a copyright notice.

There are three options for online presentation and purchase,

  • Online with a link to the photos from the main and photo page. Free of Charge.
  • Online without links from the main or photo page. Search engine spiders are disabled, only the people you provide the link to will be able to access the photos. Free of Charge.
  • Secure access to the photos on the Internet, using a Username and Password. Free of Charge.


All services are normally offered in Brighton & Hove and Sussex, please contact the photographer for a quotation.




I am frequently asked what the copyright notice means, put simply it means that the Photos on these pages are my property and cannot be used without my permission.

Q: Can I use the photos on a Website?

A: If you have purchased a Digital Image High Resolution then yes, otherwise No.

Q: Can I post the images on Facebook or other similar sites?

A: The 'Digital Image Medium Resolution' product is designed for this purpose, If you have purchased a 'Digital Image Medium Resolution' and are non commercial then yes but otherwise no.

To deter people from using these photos on other Webpages or using them outside the above permitted uses, I have been advised to set a standard charge for unauthorised use.

The standard charge for unauthorised use is 1,000 per image.

The amount invoiced may be for a significantly higher amount if the images have been used commercially, your use of the image may be audited to determine the amount to be charged.

All collection and legal fees will incurred by myself and my agents will be charged.

The images are protected in the UK by the Copyrights, Design and Patents Act 1998 and by the Berne Convention, which most Countries in the world have signed this convention.




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